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How to choose the right coach for you?

We know that you have many options when it comes to choosing someone to help achieve your goals, whether that's running your first 5k, qualifying for the Boston Marathon, or getting into your first ultra marathon. We also know that most of those options come with restrictions such as limiting number of communications or not being flexible around your ever-changing schedule. If you're lucky enough to find a coach willing to work with you every day as needed they'll likely break the bank in the process. We are here to fix that!


At Your Pace Coaching is willing and able to provide a flexible coaching program fit to meet your every need at a cost you can afford. We want to help make professional one-on-one coaching services available to anyone who needs a little help getting to the finish line of their dreams.

If you've used a coach before or if you've never even thought about it, we're glad you're here checking us out. If you've got more questions, please feel free to contact us directly, or if you're ready to start kicking butt choose from our coaching options below.

Run Only Coaching

Do you want to run your first 5k, or do you want to run 100 miles? Either way, our experienced coaches have got you covered! Choose your adventure below and we'll have you going in a jiffy!

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